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(Review ID: 406)
Not worth the visit if you are taking an excursion to Tokyo or somewhere else, September 14, 2010
Reviewer: Doug62
Pros: Good public transport, most sites are within walking distance
Cons: Not very interesting with Tokyo one hour away
Doug62 saw things this way
Overall   3.00/5  (3)

If your ship stops in Yokohama and you have the chance to do a shore excursion to Tokyo, then take the shore excursion. Yokohama is a nice place to visit if you've done Tokyo and are not interested in spending the time to get there and back.

Highlights of Yokohama are Chinatown (probably the cleanest Chinatown you will ever see anywhere!) and the shopping malls with all their electronics. The port has an amusement park nearby with a ferris wheel that is lit up beautifully at night. But Yokohama pales in comparison to Tokyo, so if you can, go to Tokyo instead.
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