Bermuda intends to limit cruise ship passengers on public buses from the Dockyard

From the USA Today Cruise Log

The island nation of Bermuda appears to have had enough with visiting cruise ship passengers clogging its public buses.

Bermuda’s Royal Gazette this week reports the destination plans to limit the number of cruisers boarding public buses at the Dockyard, the arrival point for most cruise ships visiting Bermuda.


The news outlet says a dispatcher stationed at the Dockyard, which is at the western end of Bermuda, will more carefully control tourist numbers on buses as they begin runs eastward across the island to Hamilton, a top tourist town. Some cruisers will be refused entry on the buses, even when seats are available, to leave room for locals.


The Royal Gazette says the new initiative is one of several the government plans to improve the bus travel experience for locals, who have complained of being displaced on buses by tourists when ships are visiting.


“People … find buses go right past them, as they are full of cruise ship passengers,” Transport Minister Terry Lister tells the Royal Gazette. “It’s unfair that buses come out of Dockyard completely full without any room to pick up people along the way.”


Lister tells the news outlet he would like to see more cruisers take the fast ferry from the Dockyard to Hamilton instead of using public buses, but “you obviously can’t tell people what to do.”


The government also plans additional bus drivers and a revised timetable, the news outlet says


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