At Sea On The Emerald Princess

September 18, 2011

AT SEA on the Emerald Princess – After three busy days of touring, everyone on board was ready for this full day at sea. The waters were a bit rough through the night, but nothing like a few days ago. I think most folks have their sea legs.

This morning we attended a port talk on Reykjavik, Iceland, which we will be visiting tomorrow. Iceland has always been on my “bucket list” – isn’t that term getting overused?? – so we are looking forward to this. It appears that the weather won’t be too good but that is pretty normal for this time of year in this part of the world.

This afternoon I participated in a “Slot Pull” also organized on the Cruise Critic roll call board. Forty-one of us contributed $20 each to participate. Rules were pretty simple: All of the money is put into a $1 slot machine. Each person got six hits. The person who won the most (Sandy won 60 credits) got $1 from each entry, or $41. Then all of the combined winnings were split amongst the group, or $14 each back. That was a pretty fair deal and entertained us for about an hour and a half.

Tonight we are having dinner at the Crown Grill specialty restaurant with Brenda and Ham Morton of N.C. They are the beekeepers and we are looking forward to hearing how they got into this particular retirement venture!

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Cynthia Boal Janssens is the editor and chief blogger for She is a former national president of the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW). She has sailed on over 40 cruises all over the world.

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