Artwork abounds on the new Seabourn Quest cruise ship

Second of three reports.

If you wake up from a vacation dream some morning and can’t tell which Seabourn sister you slept with last night, take a look at the artwork. The three newest Seabourn ships are identical triplets, but they dress a bit differently.

Seabourn Quest marina

A marina folds down from the stern

On the Seabourn Quest, which is cruising this week in the Mediterranean toward Barcelona and its naming ceremony on Sunday, you’ll see the same spacious two-deck spa; elegant restaurants and alfresco Colonnade; a marina that folds down from the stern on calm days for boating and swimming; all-suite accommodations; open bar lounges; and nooks and crannies for sunning and naps.

So, the key is to look at the art, including what one of my colleagues called psychedelic coffee beans, below.

Seabourn Quest artwork (Photo by David G. Molyneaux,

You’ll find glossy blown glass forms from Dutch artist Barbara Nanning; sculptures of space-suited astronauts by Alberto Togni; glass pieces ranging from geometric designs to amoebic organic shapes by artists Tobias Møhl, Lotte Thorsøe, Torben Jørgensen, Trine Drivsholm, Karin Mørch and Steffen Dam; photographs  of the sky by Heidi Wexeler Goksøyr, Larry Vogel, Camille Seaman and Cara Weston; and landscape images by Australian photographer Peter Lik.

Diver on Seabourn Quest (Photo by David G. Molyneaux,

Diver on Seabourn Quest

And if fellow passengers ask to rendezvous at Aquaman, they mean the lobby midship on deck 5, where Seabourn has placed “Diver,” a sculpture by Ola Enstad.

Diver stands with arms crossed and flippered feet outspread, faceless behind an opaque mask.

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