AllThingsCruise: New Kid on the Web Block- Who Are They and What Do They Know About Cruises?

Tired old cruising websites, move over. AllThingsCruise is a hot young consumer website dedicated to the joys of cruise travel! The site does not sell cruises, but endeavors to be, quite simply, the top source of information about every aspect of cruising.

Launched just 14 months ago, AllThingsCruise has already built a substantial following. So what is special about the site? Fresh content and lots of it.

AllThingsCruise has built a team of strong cruise bloggers who are constantly providing updated fresh information to its readers. There may not be thousands of cruise and port reviews yet; however, everything that’s posted is all new. The constant stream of cruise and port reviews are written by members of the site, the traveling public…people who paid their hard-earned money for their cruise experiences and who are generous with both praise and criticism. AllThingsCruise also has updated information on all cruise lines…especially the very small and niche cruise lines that few websites pay attention to.

AllThingsCruise’s blogging team includes David Molyneaux, former travel editor of The Plain Dealer in Cleveland, and current president of the SATW Foundation; Marcia Levin, a longtime cruise writer based in southeast Florida, who keeps close tabs on the cruise industry; Tim O’Keefe, an outstanding photographer who is a Caribbean expert, and Rachel and Alexander Garrett, who can relate to and address what’s relevant to younger travelers.

The Editor-In-Chief for the site is Cynthia Boal Janssens, former travel editor of The Detroit News, a veteran journalist and cruise writer. She is particularly interested in small ship cruises and those have taken her to Antarctica, deep into the Amazon, through the rivers of France and the Straits of Malacca. But she sails the big ships, too, and often participates in the inaugural cruises of new vessels like the Norwegian Epic and the Disney Dream. She frequently cruises for AllThingsCruise, edits most of the news articles and cruise reviews and keeps the Cruise News feature current.

Worth noting is that Janssens, Levin and O’Keefe are all past national presidents of the prestigious Society of American Travel Writers (SATW). AllThingsCruise also publishes articles from a number of guest contributors, all experienced writers.

AllThingsCruise’s Editor-at-Large is Heidi Allison Shane, a seasoned cruise traveler and writer of Vacation Whispers. She designed AllThingsCruise in response to consumers’ desire for thorough, objective information on the various types of cruising, cruise lines, ships, destinations and itineraries. She knows the cruising industry and what cruisers are looking for. Allison Shane has a strong background in travel and working with a number of the major cruise lines. She served as vice president of Sales & Marketing for American Express Group & Incentive Services and held positions with Princess Cruises and Orient Lines.

A valuable and unique feature of AllThingsCruise is a complimentary e-card service for travelers to e-mail vital cruise ship telephone contact information to family members and others prior to departure.

AllThingsCruise has quickly become one of the most credible sources for new and veteran cruise travelers. Visit this new cruise website now; you’ll find a host of current information, personal and professional insights, and valuable tools for making the most of your next cruise vacation.

AllThingsCruise welcomes your thoughts for making the site even more meaningful to the cruise traveler. If you would like to interview Cynthia Boal Janssens or Heidi Allison, please contact Renee at or 530-643-7630.

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