AllThingsCruise Launches an Amazing Crystal Ball for Cruise Prices

How To Decide When to Book a Cruise Using A New Mathematical Probability Tool

Wondering whether you should book your cruise now or wait for prices to come down? AllThingsCruise offers future price predictions that can help. Just follow the simple menus to select a specific ship and sail date. The system will show you past pricing trends along with future price predictions to help you decide when to buy.

Cruise lines adjust their prices based on consumer demand for each cruise sailing.  Knowing where prices have been can help determine where prices are headed. Please understand that no model can predict future prices with 100 percent accuracy, so we provide these predictions for information only. AllThingsCruise does not offer any guarantees of any kind on these predictions.

“While there are no guarantees with this tool, it’s worth viewing, especially if you are trying to time your cruise booking with the best pricing,” said Heidi Allison-Shane, AllThingsCruise Editor-at-Large.

About Pricing Prediction and How it Works

AllThingsCruise offers historical prices and future price predictions for cruise sailings from most major cruise lines. The price prediction model is a proprietary mathematical model developed by Cayole to help clients decide whether they should buy their cruise now or wait and buy later for lower price.

This unique mathematical model uses the historical prices of the particular sailing for which the price prediction is done as well as the historical price trends of similar sailings to arrive at cruise price prediction.
A separate prediction is made for each cabin type (inside, ocean view, balcony or suite) and it may be possible that, for example, ocean view cabin prices would be predicted to rise while suite cabin prices would be predicted to fall. To see a prediction, go to

“Everyone knows that finding the best price for a cruise can be challenging, so consumers should avail themselves of every tool available,” explains Cynthia Boal Janssens, editor and chief blogger for AllThingsCruise.“This model is but one more way to help buyers make smart cruise decisions.”

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