After 10 years Semester at Sea students will visit Cuba as part of upcoming fall voyages

After a nearly a decade, Semester at Sewill take students to visit Cuba during the Fall 2013: 50th Anniversary and Fall 2014 voyages, it was announced today by Dr. Les McCabe, President and CEO, Institute for Shipboard Education.

The Institute for Shipboard Education had been awaiting approval since applying to the U.S. Treasury department for a license in 2011 after the Obama administration eased travel restrictions to Cuba. The Institute recently received the notification from the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) approving the application and granting Semester at Sea permission to travel to Cuba for the next two years. Semester at Sea’s last visit to Cuba was in 2004 shortly before the Bush administration tightened restrictions for travel to Cuba. The return to Cuba marks a major milestone for the organization as it celebrates its 50th anniversary and a unique educational experience for participants to visit the U.S embargoed nation.

“Cuba represents an important educational opportunity for our students, faculty, staff, and lifelong learners. The chance to learn about the significant history of Cuba, it culture, and people is a tremendous value in creating cross-cultural understanding and a comparative perspective unique to our global education program. ,” said McCabe.

The Fall 2013: 50th Anniversary and Fall 2014 Voyages will visit Cuba as the last stop before returning to the United States. During the three-day port stay participants will engage in cultural and academic learning exchanges and activities.

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