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AllThingsCruise is a website for cruise enthusiasts, dedicated to the joy of cruising.

Reach approximately 470,000+ in-market potential cruise travelers with AllThingsCruise, “Sea Tales” eNewsletter. Our readers are wealthy, educated consumers who enjoy the finer things in life. (Please see demographics below.)

Upscale marketers will find outstanding prospects for products and services appealing to well-to-do consumers who enjoy cruise travel—including quality home décor, jewelry, exotic, adventure and luxury travel, home entertainment systems and designer fashions.  (Please see demographics below.)

AllThingsCruise offers a variety of advertising opportunities, including an eNewsletter “Sea Tales” which reaches approximately 470,000+ upscale, experienced travelers.

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Reach a vast audience of upscale, experienced travelers – 75% of whom are already planning to book a vacation within the next 12 months*

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Site Statistics Over 2.5 million Visitors,  over 12.6 Million page views

Annual site visits:
• AllThingsCruise: 300,000
• CruiseCompete: 2.3M
Annual page views:
• 12.6M (AllThingsCruise & CruiseCompete)

Viewing Statistics
• Desktop 51.13%
• Mobile 48.87
• Average open rate: 16.18%
All Things Cruise Subscriber Demographics

*Subscriber numbers are approximate and change frequently. Limited availability. All items are subject to change without notice.

Rate Card/Cost Pricing Structure
Sea Tales Newsletter (exclusive) – 470,000+ subscribers
• 1x eNewsletter – $8,300
• 2x eNewsletter – $7,800/each
• 3x eNewsletter – $6,700/each
• 6x eNewsletter – $5,500/each
• 9x eNewsletter – $4,750/each
• 12x eNewsletter – $3,330/each
• 24x eNewsletter – $2,570/each

Enhancement Option: Online Webinars
• $7,500 additional



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Heidi Allison, Publisher