A Norway Passage: The Most Beautiful Voyage to be shown on dozens of PBS stations, reaching more than 80% of U.S. homes

A Norway Passage: The Most Beautiful Voyage is a film that takes viewers on an 1,100-mile odyssey, showing off Norway’s spectacularly scenic west coast and describing the country’s 120-year history of coastal ferry service, vital to the people living along the 34-port route.  The film follows a sailing aboard the 451-berth MS Nordnorge, one of 11 Hurtigruten ships that make the 12-day round trip between the cosmopolitan city of Bergen and Kirkenes, on Russia’s border high above the Arctic Circle.

Known as Hurtigruten’s Coastal Voyage, the trip (and film) features an ever-changing landscape of small fishing villages in the rugged Lofoten Islands; Art Nouveau Alesund; the medieval Viking capital of Trondheim; the western fjords, with UNESCO-listed Geiranger leading the way; the wonderful coast of Helgeland; Tromsø, the Gateway to the Arctic; and the North Cape.  A Norway Passage is an opportunity for travelers and non-travelers alike to be immersed in a visual delight, as the HD film, set against the midnight sun, portrays what is considered by several top travel publications as “the world’s most beautiful voyage.”

A Norway Passage is drawn from the award-winning, Guinness record-breaking, 134-hour live program called Minutt for Minutt. Produced by NRK, Norway’s national broadcaster, that program was aired in 2011 and seen by 6 million viewers in 148 countries.  The hour-long A Norway Passage has been developed by Tony Judge, producer on A Prairie Home Companion, in partnership with Hurtigruten, for distribution to dozens of public (PBS) television stations across the United States.  More than 80% of U.S. households will be able to see it.  Dates and times of the airings vary by market, with the bulk of the shows appearing over the next few months.  Specific times can be found on a viewer’s local PBS station website or on Hurtigruten’s website, which is updated daily: www.hurtigruten.com.


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